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Automate The Sales In Your Business For Consistent Income On Autopilot In 12 Weeks (Or Less)

(even if you've tried before or have no idea where to start)

You Focus On Your Offers And I'll Show You How To Automate Your Sales So You NEVER Need To Live Launch Again


Automate The Sales In Your Business For Consistent Income On Autopilot In 12 Weeks (Or Less)

(even if you've tried before or have no idea where to start)

You Focus On Your Offers And I'll Show You How To Automate Your Sales So You NEVER Need To Live Launch Again

Do you feel like you've tried everything to create freedom online...

But you're still working harder than ever? For instance:

 You ran free challenges that took so much time to prepare (let alone run) that whether you got results or not you couldn't sustain this strategy

 Stalked the popular coaches, studied their marketing and tried to reverse engineer their marketing which left you feeling like a knock-off version of someone else

 Tried to set up an automated webinar but the whole thing felt fake, the ad costs for sign ups (if you got that far) were outrageous and the whole thing just felt off

 Hired the 10k coach and their advice ended up being to charge more, post on social media more and do more mindset work...if that were it you'd already be a millionaire, right?

It's Time to

trust the person who will always put your freedom first and knows what's right for your business...


Alongside someone with a decade in this industry who's created a 7-figure business with one simple (but powerful) funnel that I want to share with you.

Here's How:


One Focused Funnel

You don't need to learn everything about funnels, you need to know one and I've created a detailed overview so you can understand the entire funnel fast.


Step-by-Step Process

You'll follow a step-by-step process to design your offers, plug them into the funnel and then use organic or paid advertising (or both) to bring ideal clients into your marketing machine.



Support Over Zoom

At least 3x every month you'll have LIVE Zoom calls with me to bring any questions that come up while you're setting up your system to help make sure it works for you.


3 Months of Coaching

I'm not just there for the setup, you'll have 3 months of calls with me from sign-up to make sure this process creates the freedom you desire long-term.


And so much more.

Global Community

Lifetime Access to Modules

All Modules Also in Audio Form


The To Living Free® Method

Enough with oversimplified courses that teach theory, premium coaches with no automation success and expensive agencies...

You need a PROVEN METHOD you can implement today and a coach who's created over 7-figures with the exact system to guide you.

Step-by-Step Method
Your Own Marketing Machine
Setup in 12 Weeks or Less

And 3 months of Support to ensure longterm freedom.

If you're so tired of having to promote all the time to get paid in your business...this is for you.

you deserve a business model that works while you...


The To Living Free® Method helps create sales on autopilot...
So you can finally live the laptop lifestyle.

As Seen In...
Jessica Caver Lindholm has been interviewed as a business + manifestation expert by top publications like Cosmopolitan and Business Insider, quoted in People magazine and featured in Thrive Global and Authority Magazine. Founder of ToLivingFree, a conscious rebel, writer, master coach and the queen of freedom. She's created a 7-figure brand with daily client success stories while working part time, often living on vacation with her husband and pups and helping clients around the world create real freedom in their own soul-led businesses and freedom-filled lives.

Hi, I'm Jessica.
Your Freedom Business Mentor.

I still remember the first time one of my offers sold through automation...

It was 2016, I was walking up the stairs to my apartment when $47 came in out of nowhere. I already had a multi 6-figure business but this was different...

It was the first time I'd ever made money without needing to actively sell, launch or do anything. And I cried.

Over the next couple of years, I became known for Aligned Automation, my unique approach to funnels that felt as good as they worked.

And at the end of 2020, I decided to try something different, something that was focused but simple and...

Over the next year, it became my first 7-figure funnel and my life would never be the same.

It's this funnel I want to share with you.

And this level of control in your business and freedom in your life that I want to help you create.

Are you ready to set up the system now that can work FOR you for years?

But, the money doesn't mean much if you don't have time too

It means so much to no longer wake up in the morning wondering "how am I going to make money today?", but...

My Method has allowed me to:
- To really be present with my clients
- Only work in ways that I love
- Travel for weeks at a time in total luxury (like cruising across the Mediterranean this summer!)
- Wrap up my work day early to go to Disney World regularly
- Train for a half-marathon
- Be focused and present with family when they come into town to visit

More than anything, this has allowed me to slow down and be present in my life. And that's what I want for you too.

The To Living Free® Method is the culmination of a decade online. Not just "something to try out" but a key moment that can change the trajectory of your life.

Will you join me?


Do I need to have my OFFERS already?

No, you'll receive modules on your signature and intro offers to make this process easy and focused. If you don't have offers yet, you'll be guided to create them and if you do have offers, you'll be making them even more irresistible. 

What TECH do I need?

I personally use CLICKFUNNELS to create all my sales pages and opt-ins but there are other options like Kajabi, Showit and Wordpress as well. The Method community has great suggestions for their favorite tech or ask me live on our calls.

What TECH do I need?

How much TIME & Money do I need?

This varies greatly depending on what you have in place and if you want to run ads. The Method is $2K for forever access to the modules and a year of coaching. And if you want to run ads you can add on support for $7 the first month (yes seriously) and I recommend a $10/day budget for testing.

Can I really set this up in 12 WEEKS?

Absolutely, if not less than that. My husband and I created the entire funnel for the To Living Free® Method, two intro offers, automated marketing and ads in 10 days. Yes, we've done this before but I have no doubt you could set everything up easily within 4 to 12 weeks tops.

Can I really set this up in 12 WEEKS?

How much business EXPERIENCE do I need?

The amount of experience you have doesn't matter as much as your drive and commitment. If I was starting from scratch, The Method is how I would set up my business. And now with a 7-figure business I still use The Method. Where you are matters less than where you want to go - FREEDOM.

What kind of RESULTS can I expect?

If you follow the step-by-step modules in the To Living Free® Method and implement them you will have a focused funnel that can automatically grow your audience and fill your intro and signature offers for you.

What kind of RESULTS can I expect?

Does that answer everything?


Students who have taken my courses


Cost per new lead entering my funnel with ads (industry standard is 3-5x higher)


Revenue from the exact funnel I'm teaching you


Weeks needed to set your funnel up (at most)

Ready to Automate Sales In Your Business?

Unlock The To Living Free® Method:

  • Step-by-Step Training Videos: 
    I'm personally walking you through every step to build your own automated sales system from creating your offers, to growing your audience, automating your marketing and the mindset to ensure you succeed.
  • Personalized Support with 3 LIVE Calls Every Month:
    I'll be with you every step of the way to make this whole process clear and effective for you on our three Zoom calls every month with instant access to replays. 
  • Global Community:
    Set up your automated sales system right along with like-minded entrepreneurs from around the world for extra support, connection, sharing resources and celebration.
  • ​Lifetime Access to The Method Modules:
    The To Living Free® Method works whether you're just starting a business or scaling to 6 or 7-figures with more freedom. That's why you'll receive lifetime access to the core modules for longterm results.

Bonus 1:

All Modules Also Available in Easy Audio Form

($397 value)

Your time is incredibly valuable, so I've made every module of the To Living Free® Method available in easy, downloadable audio so that you can learn  on the go while you drive, walk, are having lunch or even on a flight so nothing can stop you from creating automatic sales in your business.

Bonus 2:

3 Months of Live Coaching with Me As Your Mentor

($3,997 value)

This isn't one of those programs where you get passed off to a team member as soon as you sign up. I'll be with you every step of the way during our three times monthly live calls where you'll have the opportunity for me to get to know your business and receive personalized support to create the freedom and results you desire.

Bonus 2:

Bonus 3:

Six Bonus Masterclasses to Build Momentum Faster

($3,219 if purchased separately)

I'm including six of my signature masterclasses for big breakthroughs in the areas of your business where you want to become even more masterful, including instant access to:
- Hot Audience
- Financial Freedom Formula
- Power to Power
- Instagram Funnel
- Net Worth
- Freedom Queen
- Rebel Leader

Bonus 4:

$1,000 Credit Towards The Collective

($1,000 value)

I believe that you're going to fall so in love with my radical, freedom filled approach to building a highly successful business that you just might want access to more. That's why you'll automatically receive a $1,000 credit, good through the end of the year, that you can apply to my signature coaching Collective to unlock ALL of my courses and programs and a year of live calls with me.

Bonus 4:

When you add it all up, that's a grand total of $11,610

But, when you sign up today you can unlock the To Living Free® Method for just...

easy installments

6 Monthly Payments of


Save $377!



Automate The Sales In Your Business For Consistent Income On Autopilot.

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