Jessica Caver Lindholm Presents
The To Living Free® Method
Focused Strategy and Aligned Automation to Sell Your Offers and Create Absolute Freedom + Abundance Working VERY Part Time.
Spiritual entrepreneurs, you’re depending too much on manifestation, energetics and alignment and...
your business is getting left behind.
You’re getting out-marketed at every turn.

And people whose work, coaching, courses and content is nothing compared to yours are what’s being bought every day by thousands if not millions, while yours sits idle.

You’re frustrated (as you should be) and working harder than you need to because your systems, structure, marketing and automation are minimal if not nonexistent.

And the underlying belief is if you were meant to succeed then God, divine, the universe would bestow you with the abundance of clients, customers and cashflow you desire.

But…what if divine is waiting for YOU?

What if everything you need to build the business you desire is at your fingertips but…you’re not using it assuming that manifestation, energetics and frequency alone should outperform strategy?
Spiritual entrepreneurs, creatives, soul-led coaches and course creators are getting out-marketed.

 Your audience is too small and not growing consistently enough with new ideal clients so your offers don’t sell.

 Your marketing is too vague and inconsistent, AND...

 When you do get consistent with your marketing and offers…there’s hardly anyone who sees them so they don’t sell.

I’m not trying to be harsh, quite the opposite, I care about you and your work so much that I know if you don’t learn, lock in and execute the business basics for the audience and marketing required for consistent cashflow (let alone profits) then...
You’re not going to have a business.
To be clear, I believe deeply in energetics, the law of prosperity and my ability to magnetize the outcomes I desire. And…

Alignment and Energetics are not enough for a long-term, sustainable business that creates real wealth and impact.

To make it worse, when we don't know the metrics to track and numbers to keep an eye on then when the business isn't working we assume something is wrong with us or it's just not meant to be -- which is so far from the truth!
So I’m taking a stand for the spiritual entrepreneurs ready to become smart, strategic and prosperous business owners.
As someone who’s been a soul-led CEO and spiritual entrepreneur for almost a decade, I know what happened every time I’d get too wrapped up in the energetics and let the strategy slide…

My income would drop.

Then the fear would come in thinking I did something wrong energetically and I'd get all wrapped up in my belief and alignment work instead of doing the obvious…

Getting back to business basics.
Growing my audience.
Selling smarter.
But, I don’t just want to teach you the business basics to get paid because there’s something else I know you want as well…

Smart Strategy and Aligned Automation to Sell Your Offers and Create Absolute Freedom + Abundance Working VERY Part Time.

In short, you want your work to sell itself so you don't have to talk about it all the time and can focus on what you actually care about...
doing your work and living your life.

This is the number one thing I hear from my clients, they love their work but they don’t love the marketing and selling side of things. They’re so done posting 3983247329 times on social media and seeing nothing come of it.

They wish clients would just show up and so they pour all their energy into energetics and manifestation because the marketing and lack of results is exhausting them.
What if there was a way to stop getting out-marketed that didn’t require you to post on social media more or be busier than ever?
Back in 2020 I discovered this process.

It became my signature approach to aligned automation and turned into a 7-figure funnel.

Not a funnel in the "salesy, used car salesman kind of way", but in the "authentic, serve your audience in a deeper, more aligned for them" kind of way.
But instead, Aligned Automation that created a funnel where... 
>> I was able to connect with ideal clients worldwide without needing to post on social media or host any live promotions unless I wanted to.

>> Over 50% of the clients who signed up for my signature offer were new to my audience and had found me within weeks funnel!

>> A funnel that can work immediately, grow long-term and make sure your work gets into the hands of those who want and need it most creating consistent new sales AND recurring income – the secret to a highly profitable, soul-led business.
In short...
Focused Strategy + Aligned Automation stopped me from getting out-marketed and...
Can do the same for you.
Here’s what I can promise you…

>> I will never ask you to market in a way that doesn’t feel true for you
>> I will never tell you that you have to do anything you know isn’t meant to be part of your business
>> I won’t force you to do webinars, sales calls, challenges, or anything like that unless you’re called to them
But…I am going to ask you to step up when it comes to your strategy and marketing.
I have never taught this system in my business before…

Until now.
It's time for spiritual entrepreneurs to create highly profitable businesses through smart strategy and take their place in the industry.
Are you ready? 
How This Works:
Smart Strategy and Aligned Automation to Sell Your Offers and Create Absolute Freedom + Abundance Working VERY Part Time.
10+ NEW Modules for Clear Strategy

I'm personally walking you through every step to create automatic income in your business with the hottest strategies that are working now to ensure you succeed.

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Step-By-Step Approach That Builds

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 Lifetime Access to Everything

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Works for New and Existing Businesses

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My live calls are pure FIRE. And I'm hosting 3 deep dive coaching calls to personally support everyone signing up for this round of the To Living Free Method to help make sure nothing stops you from making this powerful system work for you. Calls will take place afternoon ET on Zoom and replays will be immediately available in our private FB group.

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Bonus 5:

Training Timestamps for Easy Implementation

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All 10+ To Living Free® Video Modules include at least 40 minutes of focused, step-by-step training each so that you become a master of this Automatic Income™ System! That's why I'm including a bullet point breakdown of every module with timestamps so you can jump ahead or come back and review key points to make it incredibly easy to implement this system now.

Bonus 5:

Pay in Full Bonus:

1 Day of Private Messaging Coaching!

($555 value)

I'm opening a limited number of spaces for a Private Messaging Coaching Day with me for those who are all in on creating automatic income in their business and would love access to 1:1 support for extra personalized guidance in helping make sure your offers, automation and funnel are as effective as possible!


Do I need to have my OFFERS already?

No, you'll receive modules on your signature and intro offers to make this process easy and focused. If you don't have offers yet, you'll be guided to create them and if you do have offers, you'll be making them even more irresistible. 

What TECH do I need?

I personally use ClickFunnels to create all my sales pages and opt-ins but there are other options like Kajabi, Showit and Wordpress as well. The tech can honestly be simple, you just need a way to receive payments, create an opt-in page and have an email list.

What TECH do I need?

How much TIME & Money do I need?

This varies greatly depending on what you have in place already. The Method is forever access, you can build out this method organically or if you want to run ads I recommend starting low with $5-$10/day for testing. The Method is about saving you time and money with hot offers and an automatic sales system, not adding in more.

Can I really set this up in 12 WEEKS?

Absolutely, if not less than that. My husband and I created the entire funnel for the To Living Free® Method, two intro offers, automated marketing and ads in 10 days. Yes, we've done this before but I have no doubt you could set everything up easily within 4 to 12 weeks tops.

Can I really set this up in 12 WEEKS?

How much business EXPERIENCE do I need?

The amount of experience you have doesn't matter as much as your drive and commitment. If I was starting from scratch, The Method is how I would set up my business. And now with a 7-figure business, I still use The Method. Where you are matters less than where you want to go. If you want automatic income and FREEDOM, this is for you.

What kind of RESULTS can I expect?

If you follow the step-by-step modules in the To Living Free® Method and implement them you will have an Automatic Sales System that can automatically grow your audience and fill your intro and signature offers for you and the knowledge to scale as you desire.

What kind of RESULTS can I expect?

Do you have any Client RESULTS?

Oh, you know it! I've worked with over 5,000 clients in the last 9 years, many who now have 6 and 7-figure businesses (and beyond). I have thousands of testimonials and success stories and you can click here to see just some of my favorites.


Students who have taken my courses


Consecutive 5 and 6-figure months online


Revenue from the exact system I'm teaching you


Weeks to start automating sign-ups (at most)

Pay In Full Bonus #1:

1 Space Left
A Private Coaching Session!

A 20 min private coaching session you can use anytime this year when you'd love some extra, personalized support in creating the incredible results you desire in your business ($777 value).

Wondering if you need an audience before you can use the To Living Free® Method?
I love my business, my work and my clients.

I also love that I can work only 10 hours a week, know exactly what to do and can take a week off every month to travel (this month we're doing a yacht cruise in the Caribbean!) because of the automated sales process that changed how I did business and my life.
After almost ten years in business and a downright obsession with freedom, automation is a non-negotiable for me.

An automated sales process that guarantees cash flow in my business and became the To Living Free® Method. The culmination of a decade of building a freedom-filled online business that has made millions and impacted thousands of lives worldwide.
Too many soul-led coaches, creatives and course creators have themselves trapped trading dollars for hours rather than automating for fear they might look like an infomercial rather than the passionate business owner they truly are.
This ends now. 
As Seen In...
Jessica Caver Lindholm has been interviewed as a business + manifestation expert by top publications like Cosmopolitan and Business Insider, quoted in People magazine and featured in Thrive Global and Authority Magazine. Founder of ToLivingFree, a conscious rebel, writer, global thought leader, coach and the queen of ease, alignment and flow. She's created a 7-figure brand with daily client success stories while working part time, often living on vacation with her husband and pups and helping clients around the world create real freedom in their own soul led businesses and freedom filled lives.
The All NEW To Living Free® Method!
Smart Strategy and Aligned Automation to Sell Your Offers and Create Absolute Freedom + Abundance Working VERY Part Time.
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  • Step-by-Step Approach That Builds
  • ​Lifetime Access to EVERYTHING
  • Bonus #1: 3 LIVE Coaching Workshops + Replays! ($1,997 value)
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